where have i been?!?!

i feel like i owe you all a bit of an explanation for why i haven’t blogged in FOREVER. i know i don’t write much about my personal life here on the blog, but i figured this was a good time to let you know that even though i haven’t been blogging, i’ve still been working.

there are 30 full posts just waiting to be put up! starting today, every friday you can expect a new and exciting post… so put this url back into your favourites and check back often.

while on my hiatus from blogging, this is what i’ve done:

moved to a new place in vancouver!! missing all my old roommates, but enjoying being able to walk everywhere i need to go.
also, check out our awesome christmas tree…

got a hair cut! i think my long hair was just holding me back….

started cello lessons! i’ve wanted to learn the cello for a long time, and i’m very excited i finally decided to jump in. my poor roommates…. lets just say i’m not a master yet, but i can play a pretty mean c major scale.

croched a blanket! since i was little i’ve always enjoyed needle work. over the christmas holidays i had a large amount of yarn sitting around just calling to be made into the ugliest and best ever blanket. two months later, i can now keep warm.

lastly, and in my opinion, most excitedly, i have been taking millinery lessons with the wonderful kelly dunlap. (aka the saucy milliner) i plan to continue adding to my collection of handmade, one of a kind hats for a long time to come.

hopefully you all enjoyed this little foray into the last 6 months of my life.
as promised, more posts to follow!

ps, thanks to marie skerl photography for all the fun images that accompanied this post!

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i love photography!
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1 Response to where have i been?!?!

  1. Oh I love cello, that’s so awesome! I want to learn to play someday too. Also.. you have amazing, lovely eyes.

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