candice & colin: a rainy day wedding

finally i get to post this wedding!  for those of you who know me, you know that i have not only accepted photographing in the rain, but embraced it!  (we do live in the lower mainland after all…. you don’t really have a choice)

of my 7 outdoor weddings this year, one of them was bound to be rained on, but i have never seen a bride handle “disaster” better.  despite the rain POURING down candice was excited at the concept of getting married under a roof of umbrellas.  not to mention her beautiful dress with the train which, by the end of the day, was green, wet and weighed about 100 lbs.  candice took to heart the idea that you only get married once!

colin and candice were able to find a fantastic orchard for their formal shots, which acted as a cover from the rain and worked together with the antique bathtub to create some wonderfully romantic photos.

ok i know i don’t usually say much when i post, but for this wedding i just couldn’t resist!  and now the photos…..

every photographer hopes for a bride like this!

and they lived happily ever after....

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1 Response to candice & colin: a rainy day wedding

  1. stacy says:

    nicley done.. fab use of the weather

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