caitlyn: abbotsford grad photography

caitlyn was an absolute dream to photograph!  she brought a great smile and tons of energy to the shoot.

a lot of people feel awkward in front of the camera, today however, caitlyn showed no sign of feeling uncomfortable!  halfway through the shoot i told her “wow caitlyn! you’re posing like a model!”

she answered “ya.. i think it’s the dress!” followed with the cutest smile ever!  i think this is the key to getting great photos.  it’s important to be in the moment, and allow yourself to feel beautiful in your dress and forget the awkwardness.  and don’t forget to laugh, your calm and confidence will show through in your photos more then anything else.

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i love photography!
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2 Responses to caitlyn: abbotsford grad photography

  1. Hannah says:

    Shot #7 is reminiscent of ‘Bright Star’ = SO beautiful!
    and photo #9 the modelling is gorgeous!

  2. amy says:

    beautiful shots!

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