motion: silvercity parking lot


another assignment!  the idea for this one was to capture motion in an interesting way.  steve, james, dave and i headed out to the silvercity parking lot after the sun went down to find some fun lights and colours.  i got a chance to try out my new “do it yourself” beauty dish, which i built for another assignment (maybe i’ll post about that soon!).  and dave even bought us some hot chocolate!  though none of us won our roll up the rim.

thanks to james for being my “voice activated” light stand, and steve and dave for standing around in the rain keeping their eyes open when the flash went off!

my final photo for the assignment, and a sweet new facebook profile photo for dave.




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1 Response to motion: silvercity parking lot

  1. Sam D says:

    Very cool. I definitely thought Steve was Tom in #3 for some reason, though.

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