ginger turns 2: abbotsford kids photography

lisa and her two daughters were one of the first families i every photographed!  last time we took some shots for a special fathers day present. this weekend we celebrated ginger’s second birthday!

we headed out for some fun photos at the park.  about 20 minutes into the shoot i showed ginger how to press the shutter to take a photo, and how the picture showed up on the back of the camera.  that excitement lasted for about 10 minutes, after that she just kept pressing all the buttons saying “off off”.  hahahaha clearly the novelty had worn off.

(ps, looking for the afoto 4 or more contest?)

look at those big eyes!

thanks to big sister cassidy who helped keep ginger happy and smiling 🙂

ok so i know the day was all about ginger, but it's just a quick snap shot, i couldn't resist!

my two favourite photos from the day! i take the one on the left to mean "i don't care how big your camera is, i can fit that whole thing in my mouth!" the one on the right.... well mostly i just thought it was hilarious 😀

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i love photography!
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1 Response to ginger turns 2: abbotsford kids photography

  1. Betty Voth says:

    Abbye, the pictures of the girlies are amazing! Aren’t they cute girl’s?!! You have got some great shots!

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