to photoshop, or not to photoshop

so today is my last day of naive photoshop freedom!  tomorrow we begin our first photoshop class of the program (that means we might even get to take a digital picture sometime in the next 4 months :D).  in light of this i thought it might be fun to show how i have been using photoshop for my client photos in the past 6 months.

when i say photoshop, that includes lightroom.  i try hard not to over edited photos, and i find lightroom is often enough to help me get the desired effect.  what do i look for in my post processing?  i love for photos to look bright and fresh, so a lot of the time all i do is brighten them up a bit using the curves tool. fun fact:  the curves tool is based on the DlogH curve concerning the density of negatives.  i guess all that work with 4×5 grey scales has paid off after all.

i also enjoy playing around with colour.  depending on the client, i’ll play up some photos more then others, providing them with both memorable, and creative shots!

looking through these photos reminds me how important it is to take the photo right.  photoshop shouldn’t be necessary to “correct” the photos, but mainly to enhance them.  as the next couple months go by i’m eager to see how much this photoshop class changes my editing style.

a simple case of brightening the photo in lightroom

adding a bit of warmth and colour

eliminating unneeded distractions in the background

pulling out the rich colours

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