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tiffany: vancouver portrait photography

after shooting some fun vintage stuff with tiffany, she decided to come back from some portfolio head shots. it was so nice to be able to step outside with my good old digital camera!  don’t get me wrong, shooting in … Continue reading

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jess: high key portrait

some photos from my high key assignment.  i put my hot shoe on the right way this time 😛

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meet john

meet john. he has crazy hair. he also agreed to model for my “low key” assignment this week. after realizing i had my safe sync backwards on my hot shoe, i figured out how to get the flashes to trigger from … Continue reading

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japanese lanterns

school has been just crazy!  as we’re taking a two week break during the olympics, we’ve had to cram in all the assignments at one time.  but i decided that i was time i take 20 minutes and do a … Continue reading

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lydia: studio portrait lighting

our last assignment was to work with different studio lighting patterns. the 4 we learned were the butterfly, the loop, the rembrandt, and the split. however, since the assignment was all about the technical side, none of the photos were … Continue reading

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ivory coast: abbotsford band photography

looking to do something new and original, ivory coast wanted to do band photos that were a little out of the ordinary.  being proactive, some of the band members found an awesome location!  it was one of my favourites to … Continue reading

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